General conditions


The following conditions apply to reservations for Le Relais de Voissières.

  • The owner rents the holiday accommodation according its description and takes care of the possibility of normal use.
  • During of the residence: the renter can never overstay the period that is indicated in the rent contract.
  • Deposit: Immediately after the arrival the renter is asked to pay a deposit. The according amount has been described in the rent contract. The deposit will be restituted within a period of 2 weeks after the departure of the renter; eventually reduced with the costs of crack, damages or extra cleaning costs. If the costs overdraw the amount of the deposit, a bill will be sent to the renter for the remaining amount.
  • Use of the holiday accommodation: The renter agrees to use the holiday accommodation according its destination and leaves it in the same condition as he met it. The rent contract is only valid for the people that are mentioned in the contract and cannot be transferred to thirds without the permission by letter of the letter.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the whole holiday accommodation.
  • Number of users:  the number of users cannot overdraw the indicated capacity if the owner has not admitted this explicitly.
  • Domestic animals: Domestic animals are not admitted.
  • Inventory: The owner is responsible for a list of inventory. The renter controls the inventory and reports eventually within 3 hours after his arrival damages or missing parts of the inventory. During the residence the renter is responsible for cleaning the holiday accommodation. It is up to the renter if he wants to do the final cleaning himself or to let it be done by the owner for a fee.
  • Payment conditions: After you have received the confirmation letter of your reservation, you are asked to pay a deposit of 25 %. After we have received the deposit your reservation will be confirmed. The balance  is to be paid at least two weeks before the date of arrival.
  • Payment too late: If the renter does not pay in time the reservation lapses.
  • Cancellation  is possible only by registered letter. Cancellation less than 4 weeks before the date of arrival costs 25 % of the total sum.
    In case of cancellation within the period of 4 weeks before arrival the total renting amount will have to be payed to Le Relais de Voissières.
    If the renter does not show up within 24 hours after the agreed time the rent contract  expires and then the holiday accommodation is available for rent to someone else. The paid amount will not be refunded.
  • A shorter residence will not cause a partial refund of the paid amount.